The “Why” Behind Pretty Business Solutions

PBS Background

When Covid hit, the wedding industry suffered immensely. What once was a tangible, in-person experience turned completely digital for a period of time. Business owners were lost and didn’t know where to turn, which is exactly what inspired Shanna Boger to launch Pretty Business Solutions in the midst of a global pandemic.

Shanna initially took advice from a business coach and friend, Kae. She advised Shanna to reflect on the motives behind PRP and create the business into something that can work digitally due to circumstances of Covid, and thus Pretty Business Solutions was born. Pretty Business Solutions was created with the intent to help other woman business owners apply the right foundations and structures to their own businesses so they too can succeed. Shanna’s explains that in order to truly achieve success, your business needs to fit into your lifestyle: For her, luxury event planning is her lifestyle. Her passion is creating the best wedding experience for couples, and she strives to make her couples feel appreciated, loved, and listened to every step of the way.

“Shanna explains that in order to truly achieve success, your business needs to fit into your lifestyle.”

Shanna’s Mentoring Experience

Growing up, Shanna was blessed to have several consistent, strong female mentors in her life. Shanna’s next-door neighbor happened to be her school principal, and also stepped in as the role of her grandmother when Shanna was a child. Connections like these are not only special, but these people also provide lifelong lessons you will never forget. If anyone understands the importance of a good mentor, it’s Shanna. In business and in life, she strives to provide worldly advice and proper foundations to ensure confidence in every small business owner. Much like how she was raised, Shanna hopes to be a positive presence and mentor in her clients’ lives.

In past experiences, Shanna struggled to find other types of business coaching beneficial. After many webinars, online courses, and coaching services, she realized a lot of these companies withheld information from clients. Firsthand, she saw these business coaching services didn’t actually cater to the individual, but rather gave a broad set of ideas. However, Pretty Business Solutions stands behind being completely transparent. Shanna vows to share with her clients all the knowledge, experience, failures, and successes she has experienced throughout her time working in event planning. After understanding each client’s personality, Shanna learns your individual goals and works with you to weave them into your business. Pretty Business Solutions sets clients up for success because we strive to invest in the individual. Just like different businesses, each business owner has a unique personality and passion. Understanding each business owner’s personality and lifestyle plays a huge factor in building a proper foundation for a business, and this is ultimately the intention of PBS.

Business Coaching

Overall, Pretty Business Solutions’ mission is tapping into the personality of each business owner to see how we can help your unique business goals. PBS strives to provide honest and helpful answers to help your business flourish. Below is the link to book a consultation: