Makes You Stronger and Smarter

The best companies are the ones that grow with the times and continue to innovate. The greatest example of this is a company we all know, and some of us love, Disney. Disney started with Mickey Mouse, then a theme park, and then became a cinema powerhouse, and now they even have their own streaming service. Disney is one company that continues to grow with the world and is why it continues to have such substantial power in the industry. There are so many things we can learn from companies like Disney, the main one being you need to adapt to survive.

Nothing can kill you

One of the hardest hit sectors of business during the pandemic is the hospitality business. Many event planners find themselves undoing plans more than they are making plans, with vendors closing their doors to states making it unlawful to have large gatherings. How do you find business when more and more people are opting for the “home” wedding? Simple, you innovate.

Going digital

When you’re in an industry that is focused on the client and managing a large event, what can you do when that’s no longer possible? Let’s look at what other businesses are doing. Wedding dress shops are now offering virtual appointments, dress fittings, and videos of people with different body types modeling the dresses so brides can say yes to the dress from the safety of their house. Venues can post tours through Instagram and host Q&A’s for those that are nervous about their possible event. It’s not easy to plan a wedding, which is why people have the option of meeting with a wedding planner virtually for some great advice while staying in touch with clients who have postponed their wedding. The Skype Wedding is on the rise and is where many wedding planners can find new business by planning virtual events for their clients and loved ones. 

Make the impossible possible

We are in a time where we have the ability to connect with others with the click of the button, and we also have the power to use that ability to better our businesses. Just like we shouldn’t take no as an answer in business, we shouldn’t accept impossible as an answer either. Yes, times are tough, but in the end, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and maybe even smarter. 

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