Small Business “Spring Cleaning”

Springtime is here and so is spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to clean up your small business this spring season, so you can refocus, refresh & rejuvenate.

What social media platforms are most worth your time?


This is a great time to take a deep dive into your social media analytics, and make adjustments. What social media platforms are most worth your time? Time is money- if you are not getting a significant amount of engagement on a platform compared to others, allot that wasted time to a different platform that works better for your business. As long as you still have that online real estate, your business will still look authentic. Assure your best performing socials are linked in your bio, so possible customers/clients can check out where you are more active.


Could your branding & social media use a makeover? A brand refresh is a perfect spring clean-up. Changing your aesthetic, graphics, and even logo will have a huge impact on your business. Need help with this? Then schedule a consultation call with Pretty Business Solutions, where we can help refresh your social media presence, rebrand, & more!You can learn more & schedule a complimentary consultation here.

Could your branding & social media use a makeover?


Take a “spring break” for yourself- whether that is a self care day, mini vacation, or a netflix binge. Your business will not run properly if you yourself are not in your best headspace. Burnout is real- take a day to rejuvenate and relax! Then, you will come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on new spring projects!

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