Running a small business is no easy task. This is exactly why business coaching and online business courses have become increasingly popular in the past year! Because of the need to stay home due to pandemic circumstances, many young entrepreneurs began using the stay-at-home mandate to their creative advantage. For a lot us, we passed time in quarantine doing fun activities, which often times turned into new hobbies, and even serious passions. In addition to discovering new passions, some entrepreneurs have also created an entirely new way of making cash by starting their own small businesses based upon these newfound quarantine activities. What once started as a hobby to pass time can turn into another successful method of making income. Shanna is here to turn your passions into real life dreams.

Women Entrepreneur

Pretty Business Solutions aims to aid and assist driven and motivated women in the small business industry achieve everything they are capable of doing through Shanna’s years of business expertise. Shanna’s initial business experience in the field of accounting serves as a strong foundation for providing the best advice for young business owners. Her experience in accounting soon came to an end when Shanna realized she could make a living based off of something she was quite passionate about, which, of course, is wedding and event planning. After being in the event planning industry for some time now, Shanna’s most recent passion now is helping other business owners create the best possible foundation for their own businesses. Shanna’s intention behind PBS strives to help all clients:

  • Establish a strong business foundation
  • Challenge themselves and start to think laterally
  • Learn from her experiences, successes, and mistakes
  • Have a confidential sounding board for business-related ideas
  • Have assistance with goal-setting, strategies, and plans

If you are tired of taking online crash courses, or feeling alone and lost during the early stages of creating your event-planning business, a free consultation with Shanna is the best option out there for you. Even if you have an already-established business, consider a consult with Shanna to continue your business on the right track. The special part about Pretty Business Solutions is that Shanna vows to make every meeting and consultation personalized. Each individual’s goals differ from the next person’s, so the same business advice will not always work for everyone! Ensure your business is on the right track to success by scheduling your free consultation here:

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