Positive Mindset for 2022

“New Year, New Me”

It is a cliché, “New Year, New Me” – we all set resolutions every year hoping to become the person & entrepreneur we have always wanted to be. Manifesting a positive new year is great – but taking the correct steps to do so ensures that it WILL happen. Here are a few ways to bring a positive mindset into 2022, and how to incorporate that positivity into our daily lives next year.

Positive Affirmations

Speak positivity into existence. If you have a negative outlook, of course you will have negative results. At Pretty Business Solutions, we believe calling your business small, encourages you to think small. Run your business like a fortune 500 company, think of yourself as a CEO, not a small business owner. You would be surprised what opportunities the universe will allow you if you choose to accept you are worth MORE than being small.

Detailed Goal Setting

Remember SMART goals? Yes, it can seem stressful, setting specific goals with deadlines and feeling them approach – but it is better to have them, then have all of your ideas in your head just to forget them. If you miss a deadline, you can change it, if an idea needs adjusting, you can do that. Goals should be forever changing, forever coming. Make a tentative schedule for 2022, including your dream goals. Even if you believe something would be hard to attain, writing it down makes it that much more real.

Organize Your Workspace

When you are in an environment that is clean and organized, you will feel more productive. Take a day to reorganize your office, workspace and computer. Give everything a spot, throw out unneeded junk, reorganize and properly name your files. You will feel like a weight has been lifted off of you when this is done, and it is a perfect way to start the new year. Already a neat freak? Check out this Amazon Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur, and treat yourself to some new office decor & technology!

Amazon Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur