Today looks extremely different than it did about four months ago, with people working from home and fear of the unknown on our minds constantly. Starting a business might be the last thing on your mind, but I say it should be at the forefront! Before you go to the bank for a loan or purchase thousands of dollars worth of equipment, let’s talk about the basics. To start this conversation I would like to ask the question of, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today’s unfamiliar world?

It may seem as though entrepreneurs today have to answer questions those who came before did not have to, and yet at its core entrepreneurship holds the same meaning and are fighting the same battles. Entrepreneurship essentially is about being creative and giving your creative ideas to the world in hopes it will aid in the advancement for the future which is exactly what the world needs right now. Entrepreneurs are all about the complex. Complex situations, ones that may seem impossible for people to solve, excite the innovator that lives within and feeds the creative needs entrepreneurs hold. Entrepreneurs are left with the excitement that comes from their innate nature of risk taking and the thrill of the possibility of success inspires them to continue. Resilience has been a core characteristic of every successful entrepreneur since the dawn of time, I mean people were starting businesses long before the internet existed which is something most people can not imagine today. Successful entrepreneurs yesterday, today, and tomorrow hold these things in common and will continue to succeed with their creative nature, strategic risk taking, and resilience.

What can we learn from the past?

Some of the biggest companies today were started during a recession in America, a time which felt like there would be no increase in the economic outlook for years to come. Take Groupon for example, founded in 2008 during the start of the great recession, is now one of the most heard of and downloaded apps. Groupon thrived during a time when most businesses were under performing, with the best part being they also aided other businesses and helped companies gain exposure during hard times. If a company like Groupon had not given the world its creativity then I fear many more businesses would have been shut down, which is why I say it is crucial that we give our creativity and our innovation to the world in order to aid its advancement no matter what time we enter the business world.


No better time than now!

You see, there is no better time to be an entrepreneur than right now because the world needs your creativity right now! Yes, it is hard to start a business today, but guess what, it was hard to start a business a year ago too. People have been starting businesses and succeeding since long before our time. We should not let the fear of the unknown conquer our dreams and instead we should listen to our callings. I believe Maya Angelou said it best when she said, “if one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” We, as entrepreneurs, have the power to change lives, so it is only natural we answer our call.


Are you ready to answer the call? 

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