For most, the new year triggers the idea of starting fresh. It is an opportunity to reset yourself, reevaluate your business goals, and to more importantly begin new projects for your business. For the go-getters and dreamers, the start of 2021 is the perfect time to start visualizing some fresh, new short or long-term business goals.

Due to the pandemic this past year, we have dealt with an increased focus on mental health and personal wellbeing. We can now see that society has put more of an emphasis on truly being happy and healthy. Practicing self-care (whatever self-care means to you) is crucial to one’s overall wellbeing these days. Additionally, your mental state can translate into the effort you’re putting into your business. As we begin to move past the chaos that was 2020, we must take time to analyze the motives behind why we’re working. Are you motivated solely by success? Or do you truly love what you’re doing? Thinking about these questions may benefit you as the new year continues.

“Grinding” is a term used in modern society to signify a motivated and goal-oriented individual in business or the workplace. However, a person who works by motivation of grind is often associated with extra stress, poorly defined boundaries, and lack of sleep or set schedule. The notion of grinding can be looked upon in a negative light due to these reasons, and no small business owner wants more stress than they already deal with. While working hard for something you’re passionate about is great, you may be working by grind without realizing it. Here are three signs you may be letting the stress of running your business affect your wellbeing:

1.) Lack of Boundaries

You make yourself available all hours of the day to your clients, keeping your phone on you at all times. Or you may find yourself constantly checking work emails at late hours of the night without a sense of when to stop working on business-related things. These habits not only result in a lack of sleep, but they can be detrimental to your mental (and even physical) health. Failure to set boundaries with clients, or yourself, will almost always result in excess anxiety and stress. You may even have fears that your ability to perform in your business is threatened how much free time you have. Make sure to set enough time aside to decompress, relax, and spend time doing activities off your phone! Defined boundaries with clients will benefit everyone in the long run.

2.) Analysis Paralysis

You’re feeling desperate or your thoughts are always consumed by how much money you’re making (or are not making) in your business. You over-analyze and often feel as though you can’t move forward in your business due to frequent overthinking. This is a common symptom of grinding too hard in which aspects of business are flooding your everyday thoughts. Let this serve as a friendly reminder that while your business may be your source of income, it is not your entire life and worth. Extreme grinders often think their entire sense of worth is encompassed in how well their business is performing, and this soon becomes the source of their downfall. Remember to always take a step back if needed to focus on yourself and own wellbeing, then proceed forward with business. Your business is fueled by your energy, and it cannot operate at its best when you aren’t at your best! The reality is, you’re probably doing just fine. Overanalyzing means your mind is living in the future or dwelling in the past, and not living in the present.

3.) No Joy or Peace

Do you find yourself passively going through the motions of life? Do you have little excitement for the things you used to dream of accomplishing? Are you unable to find a happy medium between work life and personal life? A clear lack of joy or peace within yourself is a possible symptom of working solely by grind. Sometimes it’s important to reflect on why you wanted to start your business. Reflect and meditate on your mission or your why factor. Let your own experiences motivate and lead you forward in pursuing your future business goals and endeavors, rather than constantly grinding just to grind. Figuring our your “why” also serves as a source of happiness and hope when you’re feeling stuck. Mental health should be just as important this year as it was in 2020!