Amazon Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur in your life had to stay strong and do everything in their power to assure their business survived 2020, and had a fighting chance throughout 2021. To show this person you appreciate their hustle, we’ve created the perfect amazon gift guide for that business savvy loved one. Below is an Amazon gift guide with the top 5 gifts to get the entrepreneur in your life, ranging from under $10 to $100 (and no, they do not say #girlboss.)

Phone/Tablet Stand for Desk

This phone stand is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who sits at their desk all day. It’s small, cute, comes in an array of colors, and has multiple functions. It can be used as a phone or tablet stand, and works while the device is charging as well. It also can be used as a mini-tripod for filming tutorials, tik-toks or instagram reels. Another benefit? Beauty! Looking down at your phone all day can cause premature neck wrinkles – this will have your phone sitting up right and prevent you from looking down. d=A1LQC7BZK6SPOE&th=1

Single Serve Keurig

This single-serve Keurig Coffee Maker is an Amazon #1 best seller for a reason. It comes in an array of modern colors and is compatible with all K-cups, coffee, tea & more. Almost every entrepreneur adores caffeine, making this personal brewer a helpful addition to any office. Pair this coffee-maker with a new mug, and perhaps a seasonal brew- instantly you have the perfect present. _2?keywords=keurig&qid=1638656150&sr=8-2&th=1

Mug Warmer

Speaking of coffee, this next gift solves an everyday issue every coffee-drinker faces. When you first brew your coffee, it’s too hot, so you open a few emails, check your texts, and before you know it… cold coffee. This mug & mug warmer duo keeps your coffee at a consistent temperature, and can live right on your desk. This way, no matter how distracting the day gets, at least your coffee is always fresh, warm and ready. Get one for the entrepreneur in your life, and get one for yourself too – who doesn’t need this gadget? B0834JQ4RF/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=coffee%2Bwarmer%2Bmug&qid=1638656925&sr =8-12&th=1

Command Wall Shelves

Sometimes, the most basic gifts make the biggest difference. If the entrepreneur in your life has been working from home, they may not have the ideal set up in their home-office. This simple command wall shelf will allow for them to decorate their office with pictures, decor, etc. without having to damage their walls at all. You could also include a candle, picture frame, or another small knick-knack to make this gift a bit more personal. =ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

Vintage Wooden Calendar

We have all started to feel the days start to mesh together the past few years – this vintage day calendar is a cute decorative item that also serves a purpose. Just the act of having to change the date everyday will start that entrepreneurs day off being productive, and prepare them to take on the day’s tasks.

Did you find this Amazon Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur helpful? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Happy Holidays from Pretty Business Solutions & PRP Luxury Group!

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